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Now is the time to join forces and change the global landscape of Assistive Technology Innovation.

Got a new product, service model, distribution method, screening tool? We will help you scale to a global market.


Now is the time to join one of the fastest growing global markets.

The Global Assistive Technology market was valued over 18 milion dollars in 2017, and its value is expected to reach over 30 bilion dollars by 2024.


Now is the time to join the Innovate Now Assistive Technology Accelerator

We are looking for ambitious ventures, led by brilliant founders, who want to make a local as well as a global impact on the Assistive Technology markets, ensuring no one is left behind.

Why Nairobi?

The East Africa innovation ecosystem is fast-evolving and the ‘African Silicon Valley’ is becoming a reality in Kenya. At the same time, Assistive Technology (AT) is increasingly needed and scarce within the East African Community. Access to AT is a global problem – 900m people don’t have access to AT such as wheelchairs, eyeglasses and hearing aids.